Saturday, 27 June 2009

The end of the world as I know it

Michael Jackson is dead. I’ve never lived in a Michael-Jacksonless world. My favourite Michael Jackson video is “They Don’t Care About Us” – I like the drums. I think this man was a very sad example of how our prejudices can break us. From where I stand: he was trying to be something he is not – white – despite of the fact that he already was such an extraordinary man because of his great talent. And the more you are, the more we ask from you. This drives you so far from yourself that you turn into a freak instead of just going your own way, doing your thing and enjoy life. Has he ever been happy?

Even though I think Michael Jackson was a man of great talent and his songs are certainly a meaningful addition to our culture, I wasn’t really his fan in any way. He’s gone now and this doesn’t change my life at all. It was different in August 1990, when I heard the news on the radio: Viktor Tsoi has died in a car accident. No one deserves death, but sometimes it seems even more unfair...

Trivia: I’ve seen Viktor Tsoi and Kino live in Kiev in 1990.

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