Wednesday, 10 June 2009

On the hunt

May we water the garden? No? Because it rained the whole day? What’s your surname? Mine is Illiri, it means “far away” in Turkish. And hers is Arslan – “tiger”. What does your name mean? How old are you? WOW! You are older than my mother!!! And you don’t even have kids! Bye!

The last few days I was thinking about a possibility to work for a Dutch company doing projects in Ukraine. When I just started building my carrier in the Netherlands, I refused to look for Ukraine or Russia related projects. There where a lot of suggestions, everyone was gently pushing me that way because it seemed so logical. But I went my way, refused to settle. I didn’t want to be stuck halfway between my old and my new home. This approach paid off. I have good Dutch CV. My Dutch is perfectly suitable for work on high level positions. This was a very important lesson for me – do not settle until you’ve found what you wanted.

Another important lesson that I’ve learned is not to stick to old truths. We change, the world changes. Something that was true yesterday is not necessarily true today. It may be shocking to discover that all of a sudden we like things we disguised just yesterday. But it makes no sense to deny that. Accepting and living accordingly makes life much easier.

It took me about three days to accept the fact that now I DO want to participate in Ukraine related projects. Now I am on the hunt…

Imogen Heap - Hide and Seek

Andrew had this song on his blog and I liked it a lot. Just wanted to share.

Trivia: I’ve had six jobs in Netherlands + my own company.


  1. "do not settle until you’ve found what you wanted."

    that is some really good advice thank you :) and I am happy everything is working out for you :)

  2. Thank you, Candice! You might find this inspiring:

  3. Good stuff ;) Its time for a cuppa soon again :)


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