Thursday, 11 June 2009

My new trousers

I went to the tailor to pick up my three trousers. I had them shortened. The tailor was a little puzzled about the shape of these -->

I am again confronted with the fact that most people are not looking forward to widening their horizons. People try to find work close to home and don’t go too wild on vacations. Things that happen in their village or town are the things they are interested in. It doesn’t matter how small the place is. In Houten they talk about Houten, in Kiev – about Kiev. The world is so big! We are already limited by the lack of time and money, so we cannot visit many far away places or travel very often. It’s amazing that in this information era people voluntarily limit their world to the borders of their town! I need a trip over the border to feel alive. Thanks God, there is internet! There are already so many borders and limits, why impose more on yourself? People are very strange creatures…

Trivia: I have 25 pairs of trousers.


  1. thats really cool and I agree with you I want to travil all over where do you want to go next?

  2. Well, I am rather limited in time and money at the moment. So it does not really matter where I go, as long as I go somewhere!

  3. Some one on etsy made this treasury and put me in it. and I have no idea if it has been on the main page how do i find out :)


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