Tuesday, 16 June 2009


No sun for me today. Well, they promise a sunny day on Wednesday. That’s how I live in the Netherlands: hope for some sun every day.

I am enjoying the thunder and the lightnings instead. I love thunderstorms!!! My heart beats faster when I see the nature explode. I always keep windows open to hear the thunder and the rain and to see the lightnings clearly. Thunderstorms in The Hague are the most beautiful I’ve ever seen! They are so close, so expressive, so loud, so long! They resemble passionate sex: excitement, screaming and sweating, laughing and crying…

I discovered a jewel amongst CDs I brought from Kiev. Her name is Jem, and here’s one of her songs:

Jem - Keep On Walking

Trivia: I prefer sex with a lot of sounds.


  1. You forgotten the application form :)

  2. hahaha
    No application is free format ;)

  3. You can always come over to watch a thunderstorm.. But, as beautifull as you are, we keep it just at thunderstorms ;) :) ;)

    You know, I had better thunderstorms ... even what they call 'dry thunderstorms'. The Hague thunderstorms are beautifull because of the closeness of the sea ... imaginge living surrounded by sea on all sides, it makes good thunderstorms even better.

    A dry thunderstorm is a thunderstorm without the weather. No clouds in the sky, no rain .. just lightning (often even brighter) and thunder....

  4. уууммм.. какая приятная песня! хочу.

  5. Я тебе пришлю диск, если разгадаешь головоломку :)


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