Sunday, 7 June 2009

Comfort zone

No dancing today. I’ve been really looking forward to it, but didn’t realise that until it was cancelled. Now I am alone at home, confronted with my confusion again.

My head is still in Kiev even though I’ve been into the city today to have my new trousers shortened and buy some extra strong magnets for my wall. I will redecorate it using all the new pictures, tickets and posters from my trip.

Rush hour in Kiev:
I took this picture after I had a coffee with a friend on Tuesday. It was just four days ago, we are still living in the same week, but it feels light years ago. The long list of people I haven’t managed to meet at least for a coffee still bothers me A LOT!

You know what I enjoyed a lot in Kiev? When I am going somewhere with a man we both know exactly when he is going to walk in front of me, beside me or behind me. We know exactly how we will pass doors, walk in small passages or on broad streets, go up or down the stairs. There seem to be loads of rules and we all know them so well we don’t even realise that. Well, I do, but that’s different. Now I am back in the Netherlands and out of my comfort zone again. Because there don’t seem to be any rules besides “be polite to each other”. But that doesn’t really help.

Some more nostalgia:
Trivia: I remember my father explaining the rules of walking up and down the stairs for men and women.

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