Wednesday, 17 June 2009

BBQ and brain strain

The weather continues to act weird: pouring rain until 15:00 and then gradually the sky clears and the sun comes. By the time we started our little bbq (around 19:30) the sky was perfectly clear and it was nice and warm. We sat outside till 22:30. You don’t need much for life to feel good… A hint for the ladies: invite a man for a bbq at your place. This way you give him food he likes without having to cook anything!

I am working on my Love Life puzzle. As soon as I am done I will post it on this blog so you can have fun solving it and get a chance to win a prize. ;) Making a puzzle is much harder than I thought! My brain is struggling! Well, maybe the fact that I only slept 4 hours last night and a slight headache make it more difficult than necessary.

Some newly discovered (thanks!) music:

Laurie Anderson - O Superman

Trivia: I like the fact that mosquitoes in the Netherlands do not bite.

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