Wednesday, 16 June 2010

A chance

Last week Wednesday I agreed to meet a friend for a short chat at The Hague Central Station. At six in the evening. I was early, wondering around a bit before I settled down to wait at the agreed spot. Still too early. On my way to the strategically good position I passed a man. I passed many people, but this man caught my eye. Tall, in a suit with his jacket open he walked with confidence and didn´t seem to hurry. Our eyes met for a moment before we passed each other. I couldn´t help turning my head around. Just when I was turning my head back I saw him turning his head around too. When I reached my place I turned again, this time to face him as he was standing a little further on looking at me. It seems he stood there just to look at me. He wasn´t pretending he had anything else to do.

He winked at me. I smiled back. I felt warmth, recognition, joy, comfort, everything at once. We kept on looking at each other until I realised it was over six and my friend was nowhere near. I called him to find out he wasn´t coming and left the place. Several minutes later on my bike on the way home I thought: "Why haven't I done anything? Why hasn't he done anything? How could we let this happen? How could we let ourselves drift apart?!' These were the questions I lived with for the past few days.

Today is a Wednesday again. The busy day came to a halt suddenly, unexpected. It was half past five when I realised... I rushed to the Central Station. If I hang around the same spot at the same time maybe I could see him again? It's not like I had it all ready in my head. I had no idea what I was going to do if I saw him. But I was sure I wouldn't let him go just like that this time.

It was busy, I arrived later than last week. I jumped off the bike, dropped it next to the entrance to the biking 'garage' and made it for 'my spot'. The man I was looking for wasn't there. I was pacing to and fro looking around. No result. He wasn't there. Five to six. Six. Five past six. Ten past six... I Stood there waiting for a complete stranger. I didn't know which train he was taking last time. I wasn't even sure he came to the Hague regularly. Maybe he is married. Most probably he is. What was I doing there? What did I actually hope for when I rushed to the station? I felt weird. Silly. The idea suddenly seemed so obscure to me I wasn't even disappointed. Of course the guy didn't show up! What made me think he would?! I went home...

Максим Леонидов - Девочка-виденье

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  1. How one meets people can be absolutely amazing. Recently I met a man on a train going from Prague to Amsterdam, and he met his Czech love (to be) at a party of one of his Czech colleagues at a small village north of Groningen city. Now they commute to and fro every month; she calls him her "sailor" when he leaves, only to sail back at the end of the following month. So don't give up in life Sasja; "he" will come your way at some unexpected moment..........


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