Thursday, 10 June 2010


I have used my right to vote yesterday. It was a fourth time since I'm allowed to vote here in the Netherlands. The first time I voted for nobody in the municipality election. I did that at a large warehouse in The Hague. The next two times I went to the nearby schools to vote. Yesterday I voted at The Hague Central Station. Schools are nothing unusual, but warehouses and stations make voting exciting. All those people waiting in line before they take their train to work or after they got off a train from work. People stand in line as if they did voting at the station on a daily basis: talk on the phone, drink coffee, chat to their companions, read books or simply stare around. I talked on the phone. Then I read a couple of pages of my book (more about it tomorrow). Then I started staring around. Anyway, I did my best. And now I'm a little disappointed by the results. Well, I'll have another chance in four years. Or earlier.

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