Saturday, 26 June 2010


He was dressed in a long sleeved shirt and a grey cardigan. You know, the kind older men are likely to wear. He didn't look old, of course, but a bit older. He has also grown a short beard. The beard is very nicely trimmed and I have to admit does make him look very sexy. I was glad to see him. It's been a long time, almost a year. Lat time I'd seen him, he looked at me in my orange trousers and said: "If that's not beautiful, then I don't know what is!" I was flattered but also had to smile at how sweet this sounded coming from him in my address.

He greeted me and I headed for the fitting cabins. I have a new pair of trousers that have to be shortened a bit. He will be touching my legs. Nothing personal, but just the idea! "Nice trousers" - he said as he approached me with a couple of pins in his hand. He didn't have to do it. His older colleagues never give such compliments. I was wondering whether he gives this extra attention to every customer, or just a select few. "Have you washed these trousers already?" They usually don't ask this question either.

"I haven't seen you for a while" - I dared at last. I know, I know there's no point, but why would I prohibit myself to snatch just a bit of extra attention from him? "That's right" - he stood up and smiled at me. "I don't work much. But I'm free from school now, that's why I'm here."

I hope he'll be there again when I come to pick up my trousers next week.

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