Monday, 21 June 2010

The Hague Festivals

Last week I came to pick up my bike from the bicycle parking at The Hague Central Station and saw that the seat was covered in a nice bicycle seat cover. Good news, because the seat of my bike has a crack in it and doesn't look nice anymore. I had a nice black cover with "ART" in white letters written on it, but it was stolen at the very same garage. Luckily now I have a new cover from The Hague Festivals.

The Hague Festivals have started on June 10 with The Hague Jazz, then went on to building of sand sculptures at the usual spot on the Buitenhof square, Night Shopping with shops open till midnight last Thursday, Festival Classique last weekend and are now moving towards their culmination event - the Parkpop.

Parkpop is a remarcable event. It's a free pop festival in the large Zuiderpark in The Hague. The park gets rebuilt to make it suitable for three stages and thousands of visitors. Enormous amounts of alcohol and food will be consumed, people will lay on the grass surrounded by huge amount of garbage (drink cups and food wraps), the music and the spirit will be great and hopefully so will be the weather. One thing that will not be there is the long ago promised performance by Snoop Dogg. Somehow, two weeks before the event the municipality has decided Snoop might cause some unrest. How they came to this - no one knows. The result is - five days before the festival we still don't know who will be performing the main (closing) concert of the festival.

Anyway, I am very happy with my new bicycle seat cover!

Talking about music: Sumo feat. Rigas - Tribute

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