Thursday, 24 June 2010


Yesterday I did my usual Tuesday dancing. I enjoy the world when I dance. For me dancing is like alcohol for some people: something to drawn my worries in. That's why I tend to dance non-stop rather than mix dancing with socialising. When I don't dance, I move into "I-really-really-want-to-dance" position. Chances are nine out of ten someone will ask me to dance.

But not every dance is enjoyable. Sometimes I wish I would have stayed and talked to someone instead. I don't enjoy dancing with a man if:
  • he is getting too close without me wishing it;
  • the first time we dance he is making all kinds of compliments not connected to my dancing skills (you have beautiful eyes, you smell good, etc.);
  • he doesn't look at me;
  • he doesn't smile when he dances;
  • he cannot dance well;
  • he doesn't try anything new;
  • I can smell his dinner or his sweat;
  • I can smell alcohol;
  • he is soaking wet with sweat.
It seems, the more I dance the longer this list becomes. Being a man isn't easy...

Ska Cubano is coming to the Parkpop on Sunday!

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