Friday, 25 June 2010

Found dead

A man lay dead for four years in the house where he lived with his family. A representative of the renting organisation has found the body during a maintenance inspection of the house. I've read this story in the newspaper this morning. The story is absolutely sick. The man lived in the house with his two brothers and two sisters before he passed away in 2006. I wouldn't pay too much attention to this story (I'm not keen on this kind of sensation), but there was a small text box next to it describing four cases where people were found months after they'd died.

This small facts listing text box got me thinking. Suddenly I was wondering how long it would take before someone discovers my dead body if I happen to die all of a sudden. I know my friends get worried quite fast, but as long as I have no partner and no family living somewhere near... It certainly won't take months, but days. How many days? What do you feel when you die alone? Does it matter at all how fast your body will be found?

Anyway, after a day of thinking about this I got this uneasy feeling. Like I want to call everyone I haven't talked to for more than a month. Like I want to develop an alarm procedure in which me and my friends would check on each other very often and alarm each other if someone has missed the last check. That kind of things. Am I being paranoid or desperate because I have no steady relationship?


  1. You still have at least 40 years to organise all of this. Don't worry, the change of dying suddenly AND alone is almost nill. L.

  2. If I stop seeing blogs coming, I promise I'll check you out !
    Cheers, Hans.

  3. @Hans How sweet of you! Thank you. :)


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