Monday, 21 June 2010

Perfect evening

Today I have packed two years of my life in boxes and let two people come and take it all away in the afternoon. All the beads, pendants and charms are gone. Suddenly there's plenty of space in the room. There will be even more space once I get rid of the unnecessary furniture. Space. Air. Freedom! There are still things I need to do before the company is definitely closed, but that is all planned in the coming ten days. I expect two large wigs to grow on my back by 1st of July!

I decided my efforts have to be rewarded. Dancing seemed about right. But then a friend called and suggested we'd have a dinner together before we go dancing. Even better! We went to a Thai restaurant, a place you wouldn't normally see me, because I don't like spicy food. But this place (See You At Noon) is wonderful! They have plenty of totally non-spicy food on the menu. It was still early when we were done with the food and we decided to go for an Italian ice-cream.

Italian ice-cream plan didn't work out, because we discovered the Festival Classique at the Plein. There is a stage right in the middle of the square and huge blue pillows on the ground in front of it. We lay down on one of those, used another one to cover our legs and stayed for the concert of the Steelpans band of the Netherlands Marine Corps. Men in white uniforms making swinging music - perfect! So we enjoyed the music, laughed, interacted with people around us and looked at the stars. Ok, there were no stars, but we were pretending there were.

Then there was dancing (at last) and afterwards we had tea and ice-cream at McDonalds. I had a good day and a wonderful evening! Ready for the super busy week?

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