Wednesday, 16 June 2010


Writing posts for this blog becomes more and more difficult. It's not because I'm tired of it or bored. Not at all! It's just that I became more critical towards my pieces. If I have no good story, I don't feel like writing. Which is not right. I have good stories because I write every day. I have just finished writing a job application letter and I realised that I actually have taken my letters to the next level. There's more me in them nowadays and I get a good letter out in half-an-hour. No agonising pain for three hours. No stiff language. This was the third 'new generation' letter. So far one of them led to a rejection and one to a job interview (coming Thursday). But even if the new style in my letters will not lead to more job interviews, at least I enjoy writing them more and I am more satisfied with the result when I'm finished. And I do realise it's due to my daily blog exercise that I'm able to write letters more easily. So I guess I just need to go on if I want to see more results.

Another reason why it becomes more and more difficult to write a post every day is that bits and pieces of ideas for a novel (or rather several novels)  pop up in my mind distracting me from my daily writing. Today I was writing yet another large piece of prose in my head. It's the fifth one in the past nine months and also the most elaborate one. A novel is itching at the back of my head, but I'm still too scared to actually start writing it. Anyone knows where I can find the Devil to make a deal?

Katzenjammer - Hey Ho (On The Devil's Back) - Thanks to Vovka for this wonderful discovery!


  1. Steven Pressfield calls the devil "Resistance" and shares his tactics to fight it in his blog Writing Wednesdays. A great post for example is

  2. Very interesting blog! Although, I was rather looking for the devil to echange my soul for the possibility of fear free writing. But Mr. Pressfield definitely has a point.


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