Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Real life

I stopped thinking about Kiev and started living my real life. It proves to be quite a heavy task. Stress at work (the hell has broken loose three weeks before the go-live), some unfinished tasks for Photobeads sitting on my shoulders for weeks if not months already, household projects screaming for realisation and threatening to ruin the house,  overweight stubbornly holding on to my body, money shortage and as a dark cloud above my head - no work contract as of July 1st. Absolute absence of love or even loveless sex doesn't improve the situation. On top of it all I seem to have lost my USB-stick with all the job-application letters, CVs and "My Dear Edith" film scenario. And this post is writing for the sake of writing - hmmmm... Well, maybe today is just not my day?

Mademoiselle Caro & Franck Garcia - Mon Ange

Found in my Kiev luggage: chewing gum with the orange-cranberry flavour.

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