Thursday, 3 June 2010


My sunglasses fell on the floor when I was passing through an almost empty train carriage looking for the most comfortable seat. "Oops!" - I heard a pleasant male voice behind me the very moment I realised what happened. I turned around to pick up my sunglasses and saw a man doing it for me.

The option of falling in love on a Dutch train doesn't really work for me. Men who travel by train are students. Or eccentric busy types with a bunch of printed papers and yellow ties. Or fathers showing their children what a train is and explaining everything on the way so loud that all other passengers are bound to profit from their wisdom as well. Retired persons taking a day trip with their wives. Men wearing non matching socks. Men with compulsive disorders. Civil servants. There's always something that prevents me from even considering a possibility.

The man picked up my sunglasses and handed them over to me. "Please." He had dark blond hair, blue eyes and a very relaxed and open smile. He looked like he had brains but didn't suffer from this unique quality. "Thank you!" - I accidentally touched his hand when I took the glasses. It didn't feel awkward. My heart went "BOOM".

I settled several rows further violently fighting the desire to take a mirror out of my bag and check out my looks. Across the passage a non-matching-socks-guy was reading a free morning newspaper. I put a tea bag in my tea water and let it sit in water for a couple of minutes. Meanwhile I gathered some courage to check out on THE guy. He was all consumed with work on his laptop.

Oops, my tea is getting too strong! I took out the tea bag, the train made a sudden movement and a large brown drop of tea landed on my perfectly white trousers. Shit! Think fast and go to the toilet. Luckily I don't have pass HIM on my way and if I manage to wash out the stain my trousers will be dry by the time we get to Utrecht. Help, no soap! Stressed and disappointed I returned to my place. THE man was still working on his laptop.

The final destination of this train is Groningen, but all more or less normal people (in particular people with laptops) get out in Utrecht. There's no reason to go any further unless you're a retired person making a day trip with your wife. I decided that if I hold my bag in front of the spot, I still might have some chance. I stood up and made it for the door. The guy was still consumed with his work and was obviously not planning on getting out in Utrecht! I took a close look at him as I walked past. He appeared to be not so attractive after all. The guy is probably going all the way to Groningen. Freak!

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  1. Oh my god! Do you still believe "normal" people exist? Do you think you are "normal"?

    I'll pay more attention to the socks I'm wearing from now on. But I still like Zwolle and Groningen... As freaky as that may sound :/


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