Monday, 15 March 2010

Too much

Today I've suddenly realised that Catholic and Orthodox Easter have the same date this year - 4th of April. Too bad, because usually I choose which date suits me better and celebrate that Easter with decorated eggs and Easter bread. This year I wanted to make many small Easter breads (cup-cake like) to give to my neighbours and friends. Too bad I can't choose a date this year, because I'll be quite busy right around Easter time.

My friend and I are organising our monthly get-friends-together activity. This time we are going to visit two exhibitions at the Gemeentemuseum on 28th of March. A museum visit is easier to organise than a dinner or a brunch, but it still needs some organising. We've invited nearly 30 people, hoping at least half will show up. And while we are chasing the participants for the March event we have already started preparing the next month - my friend's birthday on 11th of April. She has 23 people on her list so far and we'd like to do something special. So again - planning and organising.

I'm also craving for a theatre play trying to squeeze one in between all the events and dancing evenings. Luckily that's only about two people, so organising is a lot easier.

Time for good music (thanks, Sueli!):

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