Tuesday, 2 March 2010


"May we inflate your tires?" a man in a VVD jacket (People's Party for Freedom and Democracy) at the entrance to the bicycle parking wasn't planning to inflate my tires himself. He had a woman to do that. "No, thank you, that's not necessary" - I felt sorry for the woman. "Do you have good lights on your bike? May I offer these led lights?" - he held a little baggy with two small lights in his hand. "Yes, please give me the lights" I said. "Have you already decided for which party you will vote in the municipal elections?" I haven't decided yet whether I'm going in the first place, but one thing I know for sure - I am not going to vote for a party that brought up Rita Verdonk and Gert Wilders. But I didn't want to disappoint the man who gave me the lights, so I shook
my head. "VVD is striving for the security in all aspects of our everyday life, we want everybody who deserves a punishment get punished, we want more police on the streets to maintain security." "I feel quite safe already" I said. "Good, let's keep it that way!" He gave me a leaflet with his photo on it. "I candidate myself..." "May I have your signature? Do you have a pen?" The man seemed amused and pleasantly surprised. He took a pen out of his bag and signed the leaflet for me: "Vote for me! Nathan Soomer" Well, he hasn't got a vote, but at least he had some fun. While we were talking the woman inflated tires of three bicycles.


  1. I feel quite safe too! I honestly don't understand why people worry so much about safety in The Hague.
    (One of you two forgot to mention the VVD actually strives to preventive searching (preventief fouilleren) all the time on the streets, which sounds quite horrible to me)

  2. He didn't say anything about preventief fouilleren, but indeed if this will be possible I will feel LESS safe.

  3. source: http://www.elsevier.nl/web/Nieuws/Nederland/259448/VVD-Politie-moet-mensen-altijd-kunnen-fouilleren.htm

  4. If you can already satisfy a VVD politian by asking for him for his signature, why not give them all free paper and pens and request they can only sign petitions to stay in office. Never speak again! This would benefit the country and create a comfortable quiteness in the governemntal chambers in Holland.


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