Tuesday, 23 March 2010


I did some laundry today. Just light stuff on only 30 degrees. The temperature is so low - nothing ever goes wrong. Except for tonight. My carrot pink shawl has coloured the rest of the things pink!

Few things didn't suffer: two pyjamas that were pink to start with and my  Diesel knickers (true quality!). The rest turned out to be pink. Knickers, socklets, a bra. Well those may stay pink. The
knickers are actually quite cute in pink. I don't use white socklets outside home anymore, so they are not a problem either. I'll have to replace the bra, though. Oh well. A blouse and two tops are pink now as well. Which sucks in different gradations. The blouse still looks fine even though it's pinkish now. Its new colour matches the colour of the fabric ornament, so probably no one will notice. One of the tops doesn't look fine at all, but I can miss it. The problems is my new (worn just one time) Stop&Stare top that I bought in Brussels. It's just not cool in pink. :(

I have launched a rescue and put all the pink stuff in water with loads of Vanish - all in vain. I propose a slight modification of the name for this product - Vainish! I'll try to get some Biotex on my way home tomorrow. Hope for a miracle. I cannot use any aggressive whitener on that top because of the print.

I am so upset now!!!

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  1. that 's a pitty.....thank god I have nothing pink here :-)


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