Saturday, 27 March 2010


It's just another ordinary day, nothing really happened. The whole week has been just an ordinary week. Nothing strange, nothing new, nothing sad or happy. I spent this week pondering about my writing. I've started this blog to be able to shout out when I needed to (for example when I am in Kiev) and to have a regular exercise in writing.

Blogging turned out to take up much more time than estimated ten minutes a day. I spend an average of one hour and twenty minutes for each post. It seems long for such short pieces, but writing and rewriting takes time. Looking for the images and music takes time too. Besides, some posts take hours to write thus bringing the average time up.

The week of thinking hasn't given much results. I know I enjoy writing. I know I would like to spend more time writing. I'm not sure I've made a progress. I hope my writing has become better because of the daily exercise. I still need to reread all my posts to see whether there is improvement in quality. I am not going to ask you whether I should keep on blogging or not. Many people told me it'd be pity if I stopped. So I am going to carry on. But I feel the need to move to the next level and I'm not sure what that level is. I want to write more. Obviously, I cannot blog more than once a day so I have to start writing something (or somewhere) else.
Surprisingly enough thinking about my blog has led to some other conclusions. Such as - I am happy. I am in a great uncertainty about my next job (haven't found one yet) and I am constantly lacking money. The state of my love affairs is... let's say complicated. I see so many people and have such a busy social life that I hardly have time for myself. Yesterday was the first evening since last week Thursday that I had no appointments. I hardly ever have time to sleep and weigh too much. I am still coughing (way less, but it's not completely over yet). This all doesn't sound positive. But I am happy. I am not stressed and that makes it possible to enjoy the freedom, the friendships, the romance and my writing. Maybe it's just that time of the year. I don't care.

Anyway, thousands of questions have gathered in my head and I would like to ask some of them here, but that still needs a lot of thinking. So I'll leave them for some other time, when I'm ready. Yesterday I made a playlist on YouTube with almost all the music I used on this blog. If there's a song you liked, but you don't remember the name and the artist - check the playlist. No need to browse the blog anymore. There's a little player on the right side of this blog with all the songs and a link to YouTube.

I'm off to bed now hoping we can put the stupid fight about road directions behind us.

We always sing along when this song is on in the car:

Duffy - Mercy

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  1. Sasha, your blog counts among the very few ones that really sticks out for me... please continue..;-)


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