Saturday, 13 March 2010

Body care

I spend about 6 minutes (average) a day brushing my teeth. 45 minutes a day are spent in a shower. 15 - brushing and styling my hair. I dedicate some 45 minutes a week to my nails and 1,5 hours every two weeks to my feet. 45 more minutes a week are for depilation of all sorts. Care for my face and hands - 15 minutes a day. Skin on the rest of the body gets about 7 minutes attention every day. Applying a deodorant and perfuming my body eats another 2 minutes a day. And then there are all kinds of small and or irregular hygiene and care moments that cost me yet another 30 minutes a week.

Altogether I spend 12,5 hours a week caring for my body. Is this reasonable? I wonder how much money I spend on this.

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