Wednesday, 31 March 2010


On my Facebook newsfeed: B. and Віктор Янукович are now friends. • Comment • Like • Add as Friend

Wow! Yanukovych has an FB account that's actually up to date with lots of friends. He (or whoever maintains the account) likes to know who watched his profile and has some photos in his Albums. Even though we have two mutual friends I am not very keen on becoming friends with Viktor Yanukovych. But I was wondering whether other leaders (like Medvedev for example) accept friends. There are a couple of dozen Dmitry Medvedev profiles, but all of them are a fraud. I wonder, does Facebook have a limit on how many friends you can have connected to a regular profile - friends, not fans?


  1. It seems the limit is 5,000, but I didn't find any confirmation. I wonder who is behind this Yanukovych profile. What was interesting, is that I received a friend request from the profile "Віктор Янукович". He is subscribed to some interesting pages including:
    - Mykhailo Hrushevskyi
    - Ліна Костенко
    - Pylyp Orlyk
    which I would rather associate with the previous president :)

    but you never know....

  2. There use to be a limit of 5000 friends. I don't know if it's still true.
    ( )
    I've also heard something about adding no more than 200 friends a day.


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