Monday, 8 March 2010

Hallucinating in Brussels

Ethiopian food sounds like a contradictio in terminis. But it exists
and is actually very good. I had way too much of it on Friday evening at Kokob in Brussels. You are supposed to take a piece of a thin pancake, pick a bite size of food and eat it together with the pancake. It took us some time to realise that if we don´t use pancakes, we can fit more tasty stuff into our stomachs. You are also supposed to feed the first piece of food to your neighbour. That´s fun!

Saturday was busy: shopping, chocolate tour and two parties. We had some frites at 3:00 in the morning to close off the day. I had some wine at the first party and was quite warm and happy when we moved to an exclusive Eurocrats party. I thought fresh air and an hour of dancing had cleared my head, but... Walking through the streets of Brussels at 2:30 can be quite freaky. First, in an absolutely empty street a man and a woman appeared. They both were running and pushing trolleys with small children tucked in blanket (it was quite cold). The children were awake, all four were obviously having fun. Huh? We looked at each other in disbelief. Whatever. When we were crossing the Flagey square we saw a bus. The fact that there is a bus after three o'clock in the morning is already quite shocking. But this bus has made us doubt we weren't hallucinating. There were three or four passengers inside and about one hundred red, yellow and orange air balloons! I reached for my phone to make a picture, but the bus rode away. I still wonder whether it was real. Nevertheless, the conclusion is: I should go Back2Brussels more often!


  1. I did not like the Ethopian food that much, but it was a great event :-)

  2. Fabian, did you feed your neighbour? The food tastes much better after that! ;)


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