Thursday, 4 March 2010


"Your neighbours are moving out. They will hand over the keys tomorrow at 13:00." What?! Did they tell you that?! "No, I've overheard the conversation." Thanks God! Last time he brought me home around two at night and greeted the neighbour who arrived home approximately at the same time. Stay away from my neighbours! They'll think you belong here. "Well, these are moving away, so you don't have to worry about what they think anymore." In fact I don't want to know what my neighbours think of me. Every night there is another car coming with another man. The neighbours probably think I lost my way. I'm just jealous that he is able to make contact with people around him so fast. I've been living next to these people for over a year and we have spoken no more than ten times. And now they move away. Their departure seems sudden, but maybe I've been too ignorant to see them moving. They are gone now and I had no chance to ask them why. Was my music too loud? My front yard too messy? I think I've seen the new neighbours busy in the house already. I promised myself to get to know them better than the previous ones. Somehow I think this will prevent them from disappearing all of a sudden.

Balkan Beat Box - Cha Cha

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