Sunday, 21 March 2010


On March 24 I will celebrate one year of blogging. Every celebration here has been marked by some extra interaction. I would like to stick to the tradition, but I don't know how yet. Just come back in a couple of days and see.

I would like to mark one year of blogging with some elaborate statistics. It means I'll be intensively clicking and scrolling through my blog in the coming days. I also would like to look at the quality of my posts and maybe determine which of them are the best. So I will do a lot of rereading.

After I've clicked, scrolled and read the blog anew I would also like to decide about its future.

I'm off to bed now - will start rereading tomorrow.


  1. You're blogging just a year??? I feel like I'm reading a blog of someone who has done it for decades!

    Good luck with rereading. I hope you won't stop blogging.

  2. Oefening baart kunst. ;) One year feels like a very long time if you blog every day. I don't think I can keep this up for decades. :)


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