Thursday, 18 March 2010


This morning I stepped out of the train, got up the stairs from the platform to the hall of the Utrecht Central Station to find this:

These people are cleaners. Trade unions were negotiating for months to get better salaries and secondary working conditions (such as Dutch language courses and better rest places) for cleaners, but had no success. Now it's time for a strike. I wonder whether these people really sleep at the station. Normally that's forbidden and police takes care it doesn't happen.

The cleaners have torn up free newspapers and spread them over the floor of the station to show how inconvenient it can be if the station is not clean. This is how the station floor looked like in the morning. -->
When I passed on my way back home in the evening there were at least twice as much newspapers. I hope they'll get what they want.

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  1. They where still there this morning (20 march). I came up an elevator with my luggage and they where still hanging out there. The elevator smelled like people had been pee-ing there. I hope it's not connected...



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