Monday, 22 March 2010

Nothing to wear

I've just spent 45 minutes deciding what to wear to work tomorrow. I am certainly not going to wear something I wore last week Thursday. I also don't want to repeat the Wednesday outfit. I threw something together and decided the colour scheme was way to outdated - can't wear that! It was getting late and I thought I'd just wear the same combination as I did for the dinner at friends' place Saturday evening. But that involves the same t-shirt and the same necklace as on Wednesday. Moreover, I'd have to wear those high heel shoes that give me feet pain. My feet do need a break. So I decided to use a combination I'd already tried several times long ago. But the sleeves of the black tunic are too wide and wouldn't fit into my jacket. I have a coat with wide sleeves, but it's too cold for that still. So I put the t-shirts and the tunic back in their drawers. And that's when I saw a white jacket I haven't worn for a while. I put it on, found a pair of trousers to go with it and a scarf with fringe. Nice, I can wear this with my fancy Moscow shoes. Hmm, what if I try the black chequered sweater instead of the white jacket? That looked nice too and that's when I stopped. While writing this I also thought about the combination I would wear to work on Tuesday. I hope I can still remember that by the end of the day. Tomorrow evening is going to be too busy, I won't have 45 minutes to spend in front of the mirror.

I thought I'd give you an update on my hair, this is the result of my experiments with the camera.


  1. Looking good! :)

    But more important: can conclude from this blog that I can congratulate you with a new job?

  2. Thank you :)

    No, it's still the old job.


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