Saturday, 6 March 2010

Back to Brussels

We are a relatively large group of people in their thirties and forties. We behave as we were in our twenties just like we always do when we are together. We speak English, German and Dutch. Some Dutch speak German, some Germans speak Dutch. We make stupid jokes. We laugh. We eat, drink, have guided tours and party together. We buy Belgian chocolates. We ignore traffic lights. We gossip. We haven’t seen each other for such a long time that some gossips are about things that happened three years ago. Men compare how much weight they lost or gained since they saw each other last time (might be years ago). Women don’t. We are back to Brussels for a couple of days. It’s good to have each other. It’s good to be together…

I’ve heard this song just some minutes ago on the radio – very nice:


  1. and i had to miss this one. again. maybe nest year... :)

  2. I have promised myself to attend them all from now on. ;)


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