Friday, 12 March 2010

How does it work?

Today a friend of mine popped up in chat: "Tell me from your experience, how does it work?"
Me: "How does what work?"
He: "How do you, women, manage your emotions when you have an affair with two men? Or am I the only man unable to do that?"

What he refers to is polyamory. I'm afraid I cannot teach him that. And indeed, I know more men unable to have multiple intimate relationships. In my world men seem to be rather dedicated. In my experience different parties in a polyamoric relationship have different motives. One wants to maintain an intimate relationship with more partners. Another one might not care about other intimate relationships of their partner. Yet another one feels like they don't have any choice, but accept the situation. It's up to you to choose a how you deal with it. It's also my experience that we all still have to learn how to polyamory.


  1. I have never heard of polyamory before! :o Sounds very complicated, but interesting.

  2. To many it sounds convenient, but it's not. Polyamory is not so well accepted yet, so "practicing" it might indeed get complicated.


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