Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Front yard

What is the most embarrassing experience you ever had with a person of the opposite sex? It happens to me every once in a while that I order much more food than the man I'm with. I don't have any problems with my weight, but somehow I always feel uncomfortable if he says "I'll have a salad" after I ordered a nice steak in butter sauce with mashed potatoes and mushrooms in sour cream on the side. Next time I should remember to ask "What are you having?" before ordering.

Some days ago I had a way more embarrassing experience. The important lesson I've learned: always keep your man busy. When he has nothing to do he starts looking around. And seeing things. He was wandering around the house while I was making pancakes for breakfast. Looking out of the kitchen window: "Oh, you have quite a big garden! Why is it such a mess?" Examining the paintings on the wall in the dining room and then moving his eyes up to the ceiling: "You should brush off those spider webs." Looking around the kitchen: "What's up with the ceiling? Neighbours leak? What a shame! Why don't you paint it white again?" He was standing behind me when I pulled a ladle out of the cutlery drawer. That painfully reminded me that the last time I cleaned that drawer was 6th of April! He didn't say anything when he was staring out of the window in the dining room and don't want to know what he thought. The last thing he said when he was leaving was: "And clean up your front yard!" I think it's time to employ some neighbour kids again...


  1. I would dump this Guy! Straight away.ead your own life!

  2. Hesitating to come and see you for brunch. Try to keep my mouth shut, but it will be difficult. Love you anyway.
    Stranger M.

  3. Hmm, no Stranger M. was invited for the SAD brunch as far as I can recall... But you are welcome anyway, no need to keep your mouth shut...I guess ;)


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