Friday, 5 February 2010


"Grab the nearest book to you right now. Not your favourite or most intellectual book but the closest one to you right now.  Now go to page 56, find the 5th sentence and type it in your status message. " I'm sure this sounds familiar to you if you use Facebook. I usually don't participate because the book nearest to me is ALWAYS the Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English. Usually the word that can be found on the required location is not much fun. Usually it starts with an 'A'. For example the 5th word on page 56 is 'arbitrary': 1 decided or arranged without any reason or plan, often unfairly 2 happening or decided by chance rather than a plan. What does the Longman Dictionary do on my desk? I use it to look up the exact meaning of English words or determine whether the spelling is British or American when I write my blog posts. And because I blog every day and use the dictionary very frequently, I don't bother to put it back on the shelf in the living room. I usually refuse to give an answer to a 'what is your favourite [song, actor, etc]' question. But I'm sure my favourite book is a dictionary. Any dictionary.

But today there was one more book on my desk. I was carrying it in my bag to read on the train on my way to and from work. When I finished reading it I took it out of my bag and put it on my desk. So now I can actually do the exercise. Finally I can post a sentence from a book in my status. I'll let the world know I actually read books! I rushed to the page 56. 5th sentence. And I found this: "Dat libido van mij is een gek ding: hij komt en hij gaat." (My own translation into English: "That libido of mine is a crazy thing: it comes and it goes.") Hmmmm..... Will this look good in my status? I guess not. Maybe I'll have more luck next time.

Nevertheless, I really liked the book! It's a good read. And a good laugh. Do you know which book I am talking about? Put your guess in the comments. I will send my own copy (stamped and signed) to the first person who guesses right.

Totally irrelevant, but very beautiful:

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