Wednesday, 24 February 2010


A mistake has cost Sven Kramer a gold medal yesterday in the Men's 10.000m speed skating . He was disqualified for skating in the wrong lane. That's what the whole country is talking about now. I've found out about it around 23:30. More or less right after it happened.

A friend texted yesterday afternoon to let me know that the new elections are scheduled for 9 June 2010. I'm completely up to date now. Thanks!


  1. But you didn't pay any attention to Arnon's birtday...
    (Gemeeenteraadsverkiezingen 3 Maart, btw)

  2. I did, but not on this blog. :) I try to avoid mentioning Arnon in my blogposts, because then I have to go shopping to maintain the balance. And I'm short on funds at the moment. ;)


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