Wednesday, 17 February 2010


I have this Musik lamp above the mirror in my bathroom. My father has connected it to the wires in the bathroom and built in an inner switch, so we wouldn't need to use a socket. We attached a string to the switch. The lamp would go on and off if you pulled the string. For three years in the row the lamp worked perfectly. Until yesterday. Yesterday I was about to leave for a dinner date, in a hurry of course. I put some lipstick on and was ready to go. Pull the string to switch off the light and... the string is loose in my hand and the lights are still on. I am very fond of my girl power, but fixing the lamp at that very moment was not an option. It's made for bathrooms so it's double isolated and has an extra tight closure - no way I can open it in a few minutes to attach the string again. For that reason repairing the lamp is going to be a challenge anyway, even when I have time. I had a manual for it, but my ex boyfriend took all manuals of all the possible equipment in my house with him when he left me a year ago. We still haven't sorted this out. These things take time, you know.
Anyway, back to me in a hurry and my broken lamp. Leaving the lights on was an option. But leaving five 15 watt lamps on for 5 hours goes against my nature. It's too bad for the environment and not good for my wallet either. All of a sudden a brilliant idea struck me. I took a towel to protect my hands from the warmth of the lamps and turned each of them slightly so the lights went out. When I came back home and needed the light back on again, I simply turned the lamps back. I have to admit this is slightly more complicated than pulling a string, but works for me! I think I'll wait for my father to repair the lamp when he comes to visit in July. ;)

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