Tuesday, 9 February 2010


She cuddled up to me and I felt her little body pressed against my back with her legs between mine. "Are you cold?" - I asked.
"Yes, but it's ok. I just need to hold you for a while and I'll be fine. What time is it?"
"Quarter past eight. Did I keep you awake all night?"
"No. What's up?"
"I'm ill. I've got a bad cold."
She reached out with her hand to feel my forehead. Before she got a chance to do that I got an outbreak of terrible cough. I wonder how she managed to sleep through this all night long. "This is very bad! Shall I make you some tea?"
"No, I'm ok, I just want to sleep. So tired..."
She looked at the cups with tea I've gathered on my bedside table during the night. "It's all cold, it's not good. I'll make you warm tea." She came back in some minutes with a mug of hot tea and left the room again. Bathroom, dressing up? I was half asleep, had no idea how much time had passed before she came in again. "Drink some tea." I obeyed. "I have to go now. Take honey, drink a lot of warm tea and don't forget to eat. Call me, when you're awake." She waited till I produced some kind of an affirmative sound. Then she kissed me on my forehead. "Love you." I heard the front door shut behind her.
"Does she still have my pink underpants on?" was my last thought before I fell asleep.

Katie Melua - It's all in my head

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  1. You two switching side? Lost for many other people in this world :P


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