Sunday, 7 February 2010


Games tonight: usual time, place and participants. I have lost a couple of games (see me in blue hopelessly left behind) which is fine. I hardly ever win in this setting because I'm not quite as fanatic as for example J1. There is a new dimension to our game evenings - a Wii. I have won two bowling games. The rest didn't want to bowl anymore after the two games we played, I don't know why. The variety of sports games on Wii has kept the guys busy while I had my tarot session. Today's cards has gotten me rather depressed, but nonetheless have helped to make a decision. It´s not like I trust tarot, but it does offer a little more comfort than throwing a coin or a dice. After J1 got knocked out in a Wii boxing match he'd had his tarot session too. I wonder whether he'd gotten any answers.

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