Monday, 15 February 2010


I've been to the Valentine's salsa party in Zoetermeer tonight. I came home hungry. As always after I've spent several hours dancing I had to eat. I went for the salad that was in my fridge. The salad was over from the dinner tonight. We didn't have time for the salad anymore, because we had to hurry in order not to miss the bachata workshop before the party. I made the salad of the vegetables that were over from the S(adness) A(wareness) D(ay) Brunch we held earlier today. While I was eating the salad a question rose in my head. Why do I enjoy having people over at my place for a meal or a night? Friday night I had a dinner with my friend. Later on another friend popped in for a tea. They both stayed for the night. So there were three people (including me) having breakfast at my place. There were four people at the Saturday dinner before we went dancing. Three of us came back to my place after that, so again, two guests stayed overnight. (The overnight guests were the main reason I couldn't blog for the past two days.) And on Sunday five more people have joined us for the brunch. Sunday dinner was very quiet - just the two of us.

Every time after I've organised a meal for a large amount of people at my place, I promised myself: not again. Next time I'll keep it simple and easy: I'll invite less people and just for drinks and snacks. And every time I break this promise. And every week I can't resist inviting one or two friends for a dinner at least once. Am I trying to show off my cooking skills? Am I enjoying serving and taking care of people? Or is it a way of escaping the reality? Have I really accepted the fact that I'm single?..

Skye - I Believe

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