Monday, 4 January 2010


I’m trying to build a very simple website and my CSS-sheet is driving me absolutely mad! Grrrrrrr! Everything seems to work in IE, but the website looks completely messed up in Firefox and Opera. Firebug doesn’t seem to help. I guess I’ll have to spend another day trying to fix this. Good bye Wednesday! Usually I enjoy doing some HTML and CSS. It still amazes me how typing some lines of code can result in a beautiful website. But my experience in building websites is very limited, I’ve learned HTML and CSS by following online tutorials, reading related forums and studying source pages of the websites I liked. For the past three days this knowledge has clearly been proven insufficient. Aaaaarrrghh!

I was cleaning up the trays on my desk and found a pack of photographs taken in Kiev in October 2006 when we were shooting the Sasja and Natasha documentary. I am looking at the TV screen.


  1. That's the main reason I try to stay as far away as possible from web programming :p Don't forget to make your page compatible with Chrome (the browser I'm using).

  2. I'm afraid Chrome will have to wait. :-|


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