Sunday, 31 January 2010

Sherlock Holmes

Last night we went to see Sherlock Holmes. We = a group of 12 people. My friend and I have gathered the crowd. It took some co-ordination and buying the tickets was a chaos (my friend was really upset by that). But the film was nice - excellent actors, beautiful shots, very good music. It is not quite as funny as I have expected, but still very entertaining. It was a nice group of people we know from work, study or ballroom and salsa dancing. But most important - and that made the whole evening super enjoyable for me - Richard was there! He came all the way from Amsterdam to spend an evening with me and my friends. It looks like we keep all the options open and he will become a friend before we go further. I love it! He went back home at 2:30 when we almost got kicked out of the cafe.

I was home around 3:00 and was planning to give my blog readers an elaborate review of the film when my cell phone rang. After that call the night turned out much longer than planned. I loved feeling the soft warm skin against my body in bed and making pancakes in the morning (jam and honey for him, sour cream for me).

I was confused by the question: "What did you feel?". I usually can describe how I feel in my heart or my head. But I couldn't give an answer to this question because it referred to a physical sensation. I have a lot to learn from the Girl with a one-track mind.

I felt weird being connected to someone on the other side of the 'barricades'.

I need to have a serious conversation tonight. Wish me luck...

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