Tuesday, 19 January 2010


I haven't managed to see Genk today - was too busy with meetings and discussions. We've spent half-a-day at the St. Michael Cathedral (our meetings were held in a meeting room of the Cathedral).  I made some pictures of it, will post them on Thursday.  Father Vitaliy was showing me the church and I was struggling trying to speak Ukrainian, or rather trying to hide the fact that I can´t really speak Ukrainian. I wonder whether I can manage to hide my Russian origins trough 8th of May. That´ll definitely be a great challenge. Anyway, it´s good to freshen up my Ukrainian.

Traffic lights switch on at 6:30. I discovered that while I was waiting for my colleague to pick me up this morning, so we could go to Genk together.

Richard is an architect. I'm positive.

Can someone please help me to get rid of the tango fever?! Tanghetto - Next Chapter

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