Saturday, 2 January 2010

The Beginning

In the beginning there was a sunny day. And two tickets for the Nutcracker at the Grote Kerk (by the Dutch Don’t Dance Division). Then there was an invitation for dinner. Then there was the ballet and the dinner at a very good Chinese restaurant. I tried a fried pigeon and a mango muss. And then there was an invitation to go for a beer (I had a glass of white wine and a fresh mint tea). The beginning of 2010 is good. Really good. I suppose the rest of the year will stay like this.

My friends now use the names I gave them in my blog posts from the past two days: “Hey, M1, how r u doing?” “I’m fine J1. What’s up?”

A man, who says “yes” right away and doesn’t change his mind – that’s what I like! Richard definitely has this characteristic. ;) I was so busy with dinners and celebrations that I completely forgot to ‘work’ on his further description! At the moment there is only one extra thing I ‘know’ about him: he doesn’t have asthma.

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