Monday, 11 January 2010

Survival skills

It was snowing today and that meant going to the supermarket by foot. On my way to the supermarket I realised that I'm complaining about two millimetres snow. I don't remember having troubles living through the snow in the winter. It seems like my survival skills have diminished during the time that I live in the Netherlands. On the way back I was making a balance of all lost and acquired survival skills.

I  learnt Dutch and forgot how to speak proper Russian. I can now bike very well, but complain if I have to travel two hours to get somewhere. I got used to rain, but forgot how to deal with low temperatures. I have learnt a lot about Western art and culture, but missed almost all new developments in Russian and Ukrainian art and culture. I have learnt how to cook, but... By the time I thought of cooking, I was standing in front of my door. "I have learnt more than I've forgotten!" - I concluded and opened the front door with a sense of relief. :)

My new music discovery: Rouge Rouge - L'Amour

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