Friday, 29 January 2010

Crossing borders

My friend called me: "Oh, my God! He is gone!""Who?"
"I've hurt him!" "Ah, him."
"I feel so bad! He says he's OK, but I know he's hurt." "Well, you knew there was a fair chance that this would happen."
"But I told him I had a boyfriend!" (She has her own 'Richard') "Yes, but you visited him at his place and you invited him to your place."
"So what? Friends do it." "But he wanted more."
"I didn't want him." "You let him kiss your lips."
"It was not a French kiss!" "You let him touch you."
"I went too far, I know. I crossed some borders. I feel so bad..." "He is a big boy too, you know. Part of this is his responsibility."
"I've never hurt someone like this before! He said he'd be still dancing with me, though." "We shall see. Let it be a lesson for the next time."
"Don't act so wise! You of all people!!!!"

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