Thursday, 21 January 2010


Today I've learnt that employees of IBM (at least in the Netherlands) have to participate in writing blog posts and tweets. I wonder what their guidelines for the blog and Twitter say. I checked out both the blog and the Twitter. Both didn't make me ask for more. I wonder whether it's possible to make a corporate blog that would make me stop and read on even if I'm not working in that field. If you know any corporate blog that is interesting to read even for the outsiders, please do let me know! Maybe I should offer myself as a ghost writer and take on a challenge.

St. Michael Cathedral in Genk

Did you know that I've written 302 blog posts so far?!


  1. I know Sun Microsystems have/had some interesting blogs about their software (like ), mostly because of some (partly) open source projects they were running with people that volunteered. They were mostly about the development of software and sometimes it had a lot of critic about the way Sun managed their projects.
    Oracle took over Sun and a lot of those blogs were quite depressing at that time, so I stopped reading them.
    I don't follow them anymore, but I think corporates like IBM, Microsoft and Google want to mimic the transparancy open source communities have and at the same time make a good name for themselves.

    Anyway, keep blogging! ;)

  2. I follow Andrea DiMaio on the Gartner Blog Network - another company with a Blog network. Also on Twitter.

  3. Thanks for yoyr suggestions guys! Andrea DiMaio does seem to write in a popular language about non-popular topics. Let's see for how long I will find it interesting. :)


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