Friday, 15 January 2010

Busy day

"He is an asshole, I can´t believe he did this!"
"He doesn't even have a good reason, just a lame excuse!"
"He is absolutely unreliable."
"How can I build a relationship with a guy like him?"
"I don´t think we have a future together".
"If I don´t hear anything from him today, I´ll text him tomorrow to let him know it´s over."
"I will have a serious talk with him and explain why I cannot be with him."
"I feel much better now I've decided to break up with him."
"Oh, he's calling."
"Shall I invite him for a cup of tea?"
"I was upset you weren't there yesterday."
"Yes, of course I understand!"
"I know you had a good reason, it's just a matter of communication."
"When will I see you again?"


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