Friday, 22 January 2010

Almond and Peach

Peach or almond? I kept on smelling the two body butter testers. Almond or peach? I would like to use  body butter on my skininstead of perfume when I go dancing. Peach or almond? Peach might be too sweet. Almond might be perceived as too aggressive. I decided to ask some men. "Almond, peach is too sweet." "I'd prefer peach ." "Almond." I texted my dance partner. He called back: "Peach is too sweet and almond is too heavy. Take the Dove body lotion or the Nivea body milk. Apply right after the shower and wait a couple of minutes before putting your clothes on so the lotion doesn't leave any marks. Your skin will smell nice when you sweat during dancing." He knows what he's talking about - he is the best smelling man I've ever met. Hmm... So, what is it going to be: almond or peach? Peach or almond?

"What are your plans for tomorrow morning?" "Why? What would you like to do tomorrow morning?" "Wake up in your bed."

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