Monday, 4 January 2010


I’ve noticed that other men ask too much of my attention thus preventing me from developing a healthy relationship with Richard. I have to be fast and restore the balance. Here we go.

The guy is called Richard, he is 41 years old and he lives in Amsterdam. He doesn’t have asthma and he almost never changes his mind. He is 185cm tall and is slightly (just a tiny bit) overweight. He has strong arms – I really like that. He has blue eyes. I think he is blond, but I’m not sure yet. Dark hair is just as good and no hair at all is fine too. I know I have to decide if I want to make him real. Working on it. Another thing I'm not sure about is his profession. I can’t decide between a high level civil servant, business consultant (or something IT related) or a mortgage consultant. He is on good speaking terms with the modern technology, but isn’t a gadget freak. He uses Twitter and I want to learn that from him. He looks good in a suit. He also looks good in jeans.

Ok, that’s enough for today. I feel safer now.


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