Friday, 1 January 2010

Happy 2010!!!

I spent the New Year’s eve in a great company of friends. J1, J2 and M2 were at my dinner yesterday. I missed M1 and wished L could have been there too. M1 went to a party at a friend’s place. Around nine o’clock I received a text message from her: “It’s a little boring here :( Please text me every once in while. “ The seven of us have just started playing the Bohnanza card game and enjoyed it a  lot. But hey, M1 needed help and that’s what friends are for. “Let’s all text her every once in a while, so she doesn’t feel bored over there” – I suggested. Four cell phones ready: “What’s her number?”

J1: “I’ve heard you don’t want to talk to me because I didn’t join you at the dancing last night. Would you like to text instead? :P”
M1: “J1, thanks, texting is fine ;)”
M2: “Keep the spirits up!”
M1: “Who r u?”
M2: “I sit next to J1 ;)”
M1: “R2?”
J2: “Is it still boring there?”
M1: “R u M2?”
K (never met M1): “I hope your evening is nicer now!”
M1: “J2?”
M2: “R2 isn’t here. I have long hair.”
M1:  “Who’s sitting between you and J2?”
K: “I have long hair too.”
M1: “What’s the seating arrangement tonight?”
K: “K, J3, a person with short hair, M2, and three more people with short hair”
Me: “Are they annoying you with their texts?”
M1: “No, they make it interesting!”
M2: “I sit between J1 and J2”
M1: “M2!”
Me: “K is sitting in my chair now.”

After two hours of texting M1 collected and saved all our numbers and her friends have drunk enough so it was fun there too. We did it! We saved M1 from boredom on NY eve by texting!

Back home an hour ago. My front yard is clean (kids didn’t play with fireworks!) and I hear my neighbour growl and his girlfriend trying to calm him down. Apparently their celebration was successful too.

By the way, my yesterday’s creation didn’t look that different from the picture :)

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