Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Real man

So there is a Real Man, not to be confused with an Ideal Man. The man I’m talking about now is a real man. He is tall, no overweight, a tattoo around his arm. He has hair...hmm... let’s not talk about that. ;) He is not handsome, but attractive in a way men can be. It has something to do with the eyes or the way he carries himself, or both, I’m not sure. Anyway, he can drive any vehicle from bicycle to a heavy truck, boat included somewhere inbetween. He doesn’t need a car or a million of fancy gadgets to validate himself as a man. He doesn’t need to prove his manhood to anyone. Oh yes, he does talk about cars, he’s a man after all. He likes sports and not only on TV, no, he tried every sport possible and enjoyed them all.

He doesn’t make compliments. He doesn’t know how to do it, he feels awkward saying he likes anything about you. He likes sex. He doesn’t need to know a woman’s name to have sex with her and enjoy it. He knows what he wants and how he wants it. He goes for it, but won’t ever push or cross a border you set. He never argues with a woman. Never! Ok, work might be an exception. Oh, he is Dutch, he doesn’t mind having a woman as his boss or having his wife/girlfriend/lover earning more than he does. He will open doors for you and help you put your coat on (provided you’re female). He appreciates it greatly if you look good and wear fancy clothes, but he probably cannot describe any of them if you ask him. He simply doesn’t remember, deal with it.

Women adore him. Most women do. Maybe all of them. And yes, I like him too. Boy, I do! I’m just a woman after all…

Here’s some eye candy from Vorontsov. Just to be clear: I din’t mean him when I wrote this post, but the guy can pilot a plane, how manly is that!

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