Sunday, 11 October 2009

Love Life

Yesterday was a special day for this blog: I posted 200 posts since March 2009. The whole blog thing is still new to me and I would like to mark this milestone with something special. And this special would be my Love Life Puzzle for you to solve. I’ve been working on it for months now. I needed help form a couple of friends and even my father, but finally the puzzle is ready. All the men and relationships mentioned in this puzzle are real. I mention only the first letters of their first names to protect their privacy. To solve this puzzle you may (and must) rely on what you know about me. You may also make assumptions based on your prejudices (or common sense if you like) and use any knowledge you have about the men mentioned in the puzzle. I will randomly chose three persons among the authors of correct answers. For these lucky three I will cook a dinner at my place in The Hague. I can only host three people because I have only four chairs. :) The men mentioned in the puzzle may not participate. Enjoy!

My love life has been quite adventurous over the past 18 years. For the purpose of this puzzle I’ve chosen 6 men with whom I had very different relationships – from a long-term involvement to a romantic encounter without sex and some relationships in-between. Here we are talking about two Ukrainians of my age, one Lebanese three years older than I, one Turkish five years older than I, one Dutch two years younger than I and one Dutch six years younger than I.

One of the two Dutch is blond. H is from Lebanon and is not Muslim. I had a four-months relationship with the only Muslim in this group (he was the only Muslim in my entire love life so far).

A Dutch guy whom I met at work is two metres tall and is not blond. All men can cook (I’ve been extremely lucky on that!) except for J.

The one whom I met during acting classes is not attracted to men, although he could probably play that on stage. Yes, I’d had an affaire with a bisexual man. He has brownish hair and is not tall.

I used the mother tongue of the men to communicate with four of the six guys. I spoke English with Ş who is circumcised.

V is Dutch who likes my green dress. He forgot our date, tried to ignore me, and was lying about his relationship until two weeks before his wedding. He’s also the only guy on the list I didn’t have sex with (which I’m quite happy about).

I had occasional sex relationship with two guys of which one is S and one has black hair. S is bisexual, he can play guitar.

A is Ukrainian and works as a judge. The Ukrainian guys are not tall. I met both of them through my studies. Both Ukrainians and one of the Dutch men wore glasses at the time of our relationship.

The guy I went to school with had plans for a music carrier, but went to the technical university instead. I did all the cooking in my 3 year relationship with the blond guy.

My Lebanese neighbour studied civil aviation and opened his own restaurant after he graduated from the university. The guys with facial hair didn’t wear glasses.
I didn’t want to have children with the guys with whom I had occasional sex even though the sex was really good.

If you sum up my age and the age difference between me and all the men except the one I wanted to have children with you will get 41 – almost like the answer to life, universe and everything.

And here’s the question: What can you tell about the guy I wanted to have children with except for the fact that he didn’t have black hair, didn’t wear glasses, didn’t study law and never worked with me?

Send your answers to Please do not post them in comments.The deadline is 17 October 2009, 23:59 Amsterdam time. You have one week to solve the puzzle: ready, steady, GO!


  1. Well Sasja,
    Although I never noticed your many faces, I am destined to solve this freaky puzzle of yours.
    I am in need of a good old dutch wintermeal!

    A. (Nonymous)

  2. Good luck! I hope to see you at the dinner. :)


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