Friday, 16 October 2009


Tonight I visited Arnon’s reading at Wageningen University, part of his guest lectureship at that university. Before there was a dinner with his and my friends, but without him. After there were drinks and snacks. He shook hands, greeted friends, acquaintances, publishers, old girlfriends, new girlfriends, CPA’s and his mother. I have met a man who has a complete archive of all Arnon’s works and Arnon’s accountant.

I cannot afford so much shopping! Maybe I should just give in and accept the fact that I am arnonised?


  1. Have you also talked with the man himself?

    Don't give up the shopping!

  2. Yes, Arnon never leaves without having talked to everyone he knows. He said he mentioned Ukraine in his reading especially for me. I felt very honoured. ;)

  3. In that case, maybe it's not so bad to be arnonised. :)


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